Knox Galleries

Gallery Statement

Knox Galleries is one of the nations premier monumental bronze sculpture galleries with location in Beaver Creek, Colorado. Hooked on art since 1980, we have installed sculpture gardens for several metropolitan areas and at private residences. With over 30 years of experience in assisting satisfied clients, the Knox Galleries are experts in the fields of choosing sculpture themes, installation and lighting design, and in the promotion and marketing of public art.

Knox Galleries displays the exquisite works of Glenna Goodacre, George, Cammie and Mark Lundeen and the other remarkably talented sculptors including Gary Alsum, Gerald Balciar, Joey Bainer, Ed Conder, Dan Garrett, Kim Kori, Marvin Laber,Susan Norris, Vala Ola, Martha and Del Pettigrew, Giuseppe Palumbo, Dennis Smith, Melaine Thomas, Shari Vines, Curtis Zabel, Wood Sculptures by Jay Chester Armstrong, along with etchings and paintings in egg tempera by Mark Thompson, and works in oil by Edward (Ned) Aldrich, Nancy Andresen, Dean Bradshaw, Graydon Foulger, Scott Jennings, Pem Dunn, Barry Thomas, David and Line Tutwiler, and many other fine artists.