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  • 4.5 x 9"
Category: Limited Editions
Media: Bronze
Edition Size: 55
Framed: None
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Price: US$ 2100

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Stem 3" length

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Images Per Page:
Soft Spot
"Soft Spot"
The Harvesters
"The Harvesters"
Amore Heroic
"Amore Heroic"
Mouse Geisha
"Mouse Geisha"
Quiet Waters
"Quiet Waters"
Streamside Feast
"Streamside Feast"
Spring Fever
"Spring Fever"
The Kiss
"The Kiss"
Spring Awakenings
"Spring Awakenings"
Search Party
"Search Party"
Royal Mouse Nanny
"Royal Mouse Nanny"
Royal Mouse Chef
"Royal Mouse Chef"
Mouse Jester
"Mouse Jester"
Toadstool Heroic
"Toadstool Heroic"
Sophies Porch
"Sophies Porch"
Wild Iris
"Wild Iris"
Jack Of Hearts
"Jack Of Hearts"
Eyes Of The Rainforest
"Eyes Of The Rainforest"
Heat Of The Moment
"Heat Of The Moment"
Mini Moonlight Edamame
"Mini Moonlight Edamame"
Mushroom Hugger Small
"Mushroom Hugger Small"
Mushroom Hugger
"Mushroom Hugger"
Leap For Joy SE
"Leap For Joy SE"
Midsummer Daydream
"Midsummer Daydream"
Fall Into Sleep
"Fall Into Sleep"
Dragonfly At Rest
"Dragonfly At Rest"
Double Jeopardy
"Double Jeopardy"
Bed and Breakfast
"Bed and Breakfast"
Because Of The Rain
"Because Of The Rain"
Bayou Bouquet
"Bayou Bouquet"
A Little Kiss
"A Little Kiss"
Fisher Mouse
"Fisher Mouse"