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"A Taste Of Summer"
Still-life with fruits of summer

"A Taste Of Summer"

  • 25.75 x 23.5"
Category: Originals
Media: Egg Tempera
Framed: Framed
Availability: Sold

Price: US$ 26000

SOLD 1-16-2017

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A Taste Of Summer
"A Taste Of Summer"
Shelf Life
"Shelf Life"
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Still-life with Medicine Shield
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Big Daddy
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Blue Heron
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Salmon Falls
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Geraniums And Lace
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Rules Of The Road II
"Rules Of The Road II"
Rules Of The Road I
"Rules Of The Road I"
Mountain Monarch
"Mountain Monarch"
Carousel Horse Triptych
"Carousel Horse Triptych"
In The Shallows
"In The Shallows"
Honey Scent
"Honey Scent"
Allie's Cabin
"Allie's Cabin"
Zach's Cabin
"Zach's Cabin"
Trail Blazer
"Trail Blazer"
Snow On The Mountain
"Snow On The Mountain"
Rising Rainbow With Flies
"Rising Rainbow With Flies"
Moose At Willow Creek
"Moose At Willow Creek"
Here Today!!
"Here Today!!"
Gambel's Quail
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Flower Guard
"Flower Guard"
Evening Watch
"Evening Watch"
Down River
"Down River"
Covered Bridge At Vail
"Covered Bridge At Vail"
Chapel In Summer
"Chapel In Summer"
Chapel At Beaver Creek
"Chapel At Beaver Creek"
Butterfly Triptych
"Butterfly Triptych"
Brown Trout with Flies
"Brown Trout with Flies"
Geraniums and Lace
"Geraniums and Lace"